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i ran 10 minutes straight today.
that’s a first. 

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paleo help!

I have been thinking a lot lately about going paleo. I’m thinking after this finals week of school, when summer officially begins, would be a good time to start.

It seems logical because I am a pasta fiend - so this strict cutting them out would be good for me - and I really do love meat. 

The hardest thing is… I pretty much don’t eat vegetables. Besides potatoes and maybe carrots in soup. Maybe. As far as fruits go, I’m not too great at that either - I like bananas, oranges, clementines, and apples. 

Mostly, I am looking for suggestions to what I can do to start liking those kinds of foods. It’s not that I haven’t tried them - I’ve tried pineapples, squash, watermelon, grapes, corn, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, peaches, mangos, cabbage, celery, pumpkin, avocado, peppers, cucumber, blackberries… I just can’t seem to find something I like. I’m a huge texture/smell person, so a lot of the things listed are a complete turn-off because of that.

Anyone else struggled with this and got through? Advice? Fruit/Veggie suggestions?

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maybe this will keep me accountable.
i’m counting this as my before picture though.

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Currently: 226.0
Last weighed: 229.4 (3/11/12)

Looking forward to heavier {legitimate} workouts next week.
May these next 17 pounds go away super fast, because I’d love to see a number I haven’t in awhile.
Need to work on my water intake. 

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what is done, is done.

for the 80th time, I’m starting over on this weight loss thing.
I don’t know what is going to make this time different,
but dear lord it has to be.

also, I signed up for a 5K this morning.
you know, because I have no brain & thought it was a good idea.
EEE. hopefully that will get me in gear.
feel free to share training tips with me.. 

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I haven’t done one of these in… ages.
But I want to change.
I want to get back on track.

Today’s weight: 230.8

Not real plus or minus, new starting weight. I have got to do this this time.
I started changing the way I ate two days ago & plan on doing my first real workout tomorrow, so hopefully this number will change. I move in exactly one month so I really want to push myself and see how much weight I can lose by moving day. I can’t buckle.

In other news! Followed a lot of new weightloss tumblrs this morning :)  I’ve been away so long, so many new faces! I love them all!

It’s really weird (&borderline depressing) to look back at old posts, within this YEAR, & know I weighed 212. I know the lowest I got in my last try was 210 (only 11 pounds away from the 200s!) Ugh. I have got to get there again. The good thing is about this time is that if I can really commit for a month, I should be set. 

Right now it’s hard to maintain any type of healthy living because I live with my parents. I know that reads as a cop-out, but we’re just not an active family (and I try to get them active, they just don’t care.) But! In a month I’ll be back at college, I can hang out with my friends, walk around campus, ride my bike, workout at our gym, play volleyball/tennis, and just be a lot busier in general - that should keep me on my toes! 

Cheers to a new start. 

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If you’ve lost one pound. If you’ve lost a hundred pounds. If you’ve kicked your junk-food habit. If you’ve eaten a vegetable today. If you walked a block today. If you ran a mile. If you put down a glass of Coke. If you drank five glasses of water. If you’ve cut 1000 calories or if you’ve cut 100, take a second to marvel at how far you’ve come and how far you’re able to go.

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